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Beginning of term                 5th January

  Half term                          19th February – 25th February

  End of term                       24th March


  Pre-Primary Ballet     4.00 – 4.30                                                                                                           

  Primary Ballet          4.30 – 5.15                                                                                                                 

  Grade 6 Ballet        5.15 – 6.15                                                                                                             

  Grade 5 Modern & Tap    6.15 – 7.00                                                                                                             



   Grade 1 Modern & Tap     10.00 – 10.45                                                                                                             

  Grade 2 Ballet     10.45 - 11.30                                                                                                                          

  Grade 3 Tap & Modern    11.30 - 12.15                                                                                                             

  Grade 3 Ballet     12.25 – 1.10                                                                                                                   

  Beginners Pointe work   1.15 – 1.30                                                                                                               


  FEES per  term

 1/2 hr class weekly       £39.00 per term                                                                                                                 

 3/4 hr class weekly       £50.50 per term                                                                                                                

 1 & a 1/2  hrs weekly    £93.00 per term                                                                                                                  

 1 & 3/4  hrs  weekly       £100.00 per term                                                                                                                        

 2hrs weekly                    £112.50  per term                                                                                                                



Providing there are vacancies new pupils are welcome to join mid - term and fees will be  

 worked out accordingly. 

 Fees are charged per term & are due on the first week of term. Once a pupil has started a new term they will be charged for a Full Term & fees are not refundable.

New pupils have one free trial lesson.



The J.C.L.School of Dance has a uniform that is in line with examination board requirements .

Please see me before buying dance wear for lessons at our school. New pupils are not required to wear the uniform until they have decided to join the school.                                                                                                                      



Please could all pupils from Primary upwards wear their hair in a bun for ballet and high pony tail or bun for modern & tap.( If hair is short please wear hair band to match uniform ) . Younger pupils’ hair must be neatly tied back. An important part of dance training is grooming and therefore pupils are asked to attend class correctly and neatly dressed.



The plan for this year is to have I.D.T.A. exams & Modern exams at the end of this term & I.S.T.D. Ballet exams at the beginning of next term . As I book them I will take in to consideration the dates for GCSE & A’ Levels examinations.

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Principle Miss J .C . Last . A.I.S.T.D.   A.R.A.D.  Fully Registered I.S.T.D teacher . R.A.D. Life Member  I.D.T.A. Mutually Recognised Teacher .Ex Professional Ballet Dancer . website -                         

Telephone ---------- 01799 543207   mob.07753 607523 .

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